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Our Mission 

Every believer equipped to share the gospel and trained to disciple those who respond

The London Team

Our team is dedicated to equipping London leaders and their churches with evangelism tools, discipleship training and a culture-transforming vision to see every believer sharing the gospel, discipling new believers and supporting those rededicating their lives to Jesus.

Jonathan McGill | Turning London Leader

Jonathan McGill

London Team Leader

Tony Obayori | Turning London Leader

Tony Obayori

London Team Leader

About The Turning

History of The Turning

Where It Started 

The Turning in 2016 was the second outpouring that they'd experienced at The Gate Church. The first one, in 2008, can only be described as fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. It came out of a prayer meeting which had exploded two years previously. The Lord triggered a hunger in the hearts of those in the church and it continued for years after the first outpouring of 2008 when the Lord sent a refreshing.

On the 29th of May (2016) The Gate Church began what they thought would be a one-week mission which would possibly stretch into two weeks. In the end because of the results they witnessed on the streets they stretched out the mission for a total of four weeks. In that time, they saw over 1850 people prayed for on the streets of Reading, many for the first time. Quite apart from the large numbers of responses to the gospel the sheer number of people willing to let them pray was astonishing

In June (2016) many other churches in Reading engaged and affirmed that something out of the ordinary was happening on the streets and agreed to be part of it. The Turning was not just for one Church or even one town


Since that time The Turning has grown with teams from Reading going to towns and cities across the UK to equip the local church in evangelism and discipleship. By the time they had come to the two year anniversary they had been to over 20 towns and cities and having trained over 4,254 evangelists and seen over 13,265 make a response on the streets .


Every place that The Turning went they saw the same grace of God at work; the Church equipped and mobilised to evangelise on the streets of their town. We are now working to see whole regions of the UK and beyond impacted with the Gospel.

Image by Luis Alberto Sánchez Terrones


London View

How We Got Involved

As The Turning spread across the UK, Europe and made it's way to London, we caught the fire and have been involved since 2019. 

Following Covid-19 we had the Mission Reboot in 2021, Mission England in 2022 and this year we're excited for what God will do through Mission London 2023.

London is a city of approximate over 8 million people in a 1500km2 area. In order to reach London, we plan to work through a ‘borough strategy’ by identifying at least four hubs in each borough (strategic platforms for the launch within each borough).

We are working with denominations and city leaders in London to establish a hub (3-5 church working in unity) in every London borough by 2027. Our heart is to see every believer in London equipped to share the Gospel and trained to disciple those who respond.

Every year we run prayer and training events as we prepare to launch in September. These events are designed to envision, equip, train and prepare London ahead of the launch and outreach during September mission week.


Over the last 5 years many hubs have formed across London. A hub is 3-5 churches in a local area getting equipped, sharing the gospel and discipling together. We love empowering every believer in London churches to prioritise God's presence, outreach and discipleship.

within Hubs 

Within each hub, there are churches of different denominations and locations, all connected through relationship. Where there is unity, God commands a blessing!

What we believe The Turning will produce in your area.

  • UNITY | Local leaders presented with an opportunity to work in unity in a Kingdom manner that goes beyond social action.

  • ENGAGEMENT | Many Christians within your churches across the region will engage in gospel proclamation with confidence and expectation.

  • THE GOSPEL SHARED | Many people will hear the gospel on a regular basis.

  • RESPONSE | People will make a response to pray to Christ on the streets of your towns.

  • DISCIPLESHIP | People will enter one-to-one discipleship with those they have prayed with.

  • REVIVAL | The church will once again restructure itself for evangelistic endeavour as well as pastoral care.

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