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It's Your Story

London City



Whether you are a church member, church leader or part of the leadership team, get in touch with us to say hello and to begin rewriting the story of evangelism in your town.



We are here to serve the local church and will journey with you and your church leader (if this is not you) to plan how we see your dream become a reality. We want to see every believer equipped to share the gospel and trained to disciple.



We will continue to journey together as you gather other leaders from churches in your town. Once you have your team in place we are ready to begin the next part of the journey.

It's Your People

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Envisioning meetings form the foundation that the Turning multiplies from. During the meetings, The Turning’s story becomes your story as we dream of what God can do for your own people today.



The follow-up is fundamental to the success of the mission launch. The training focuses on equipping ordinary Christians to be the extraordinary disciple makers God has created them to be.



When you are ready we launch The Turning with a week of prayer, worship and evangelism. Seeing your people successfully sharing the Gospel and following up those who respond.

My London Hub

Mission London 2023 Invitation

Roles Involved In a Hub

Forming A Hub

Discipleship Training Invitation

Big Ben

My Promo Material

Spread the word in your churches and community groups

We've gathered all the promotional material that you need to share in your church announcements, community groups and with other interested leaders. We've done the work for you so you don't have to!

My Roles

One hub, many roles to spread the load and work effectively

Roles include: Hub Leader, Mission Coordinator, Follow Up Coordinator, Prayer Coordinator, Networker/Influencer.  Watch

 <-- this video to learn more about what is involved in each role. Once you have assigned the specific roles in your hub, get in touch with us and we'll train you throughout the year so you're all set for September mission week.

My Schedule

How many days of the mission will your hub get involved?

Mission Week Template

Once you've gathered your leaders in your church + other churches partnering with you, and you've identified who's doing what role, start thinking about your mission week schedule. Are you going to do the full week or do you only have capacity for a few days this year? Which church will host an encounter evening? Which church will host the morning training and outreach?

My Discipleship Prep

If you love Jesus and consider yourself His disciple, why not get equipped so
you can lead others too?

Sign up to the discipleship training and order your materials ahead of mission week so you are well resourced and empowered to go deeper once someone has responded to the gospel. Our discipleship book allows you to follow up one to one. Compared to group programs this allows you to cater for the individual story, needs and pace of the person who has responded. The Discipleship book (written by the founder of The Turning - Pastor Yinka Oyekan) covers 10 key foundations of what it means to be a follower of Jesus by living the Kingdom life in community with others.

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